Yulu is an IoT-based dockless bike-sharing platform, that offers an eco-friendly UMaaS (Urban Mobility as a Service), which is an affordable, sharable and scalable commute solution. The company has created a unique battery-swapping network by placing their proprietary IoT-enabled charging box, called ‘Yulu Max’, at hundreds of mom-and-pop stores across its operational areas

Business Challenge

• Yulu required a backend system that could send alerts when the battery-charge level of a bike dropped below a defined threshold, along  with the vehicle’s real-time location. This information would make it more convenient to charge the vehicle’s battery, before it completely  ran out 

• Yulu also wanted to ensure the safety of their assets in various locations as well as higher durability of their vehicles on Indian roads

• They wanted to develop a state-of-the-art backend system that could support them better and give them a competitive advantage
Our Solution

• With our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform, Yulu gained visibility and control of their IoT-enabled vehicles, anywhere within their network

• It helped Yulu track the location of our IoT SIM Connectivity solution installed in their assets, alert them about unusual activity, generate performance and data usage reports, activate new SIMs, and manage them through their lifecycle

• Our IoT SIM  Connectivity solution and Managed IoT Connectivity Platform made the entire process of IoT SIM procurement, deployment and management easy and efficient. It also provided better security through a private APN 

• We also provided them with our Location Tracking solution which helped ascertain the safest and most economically viable routes, access online reports, receive alerts, and reduce costs. It easily integrates with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Workforce Management (WFM) systems to deliver an enhanced experience

• Yulu also leveraged our Postpaid connectivity for cost-effective communication 
Business Impact

• These solutions helped Yulu ensure 99% uptime and faster resolution of issues with Rich Communication Services (RCS)

• Our IoT solutions gave them real-time connectivity and transferred the data to their servers, enabling them to monitor the vehicles and take preventive measures when necessary

• Thanks to the easy procurement and deployment of our IoT SIM Connectivity solution, a single dashboard for IoT SIM management, and support for their API (Application Programming Interface), Yulu is able to stay on top of their game

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