Location Tracking Solutions

As a business that has moving assets and personnel, you would like to have visibility of your supply chains, round the clock. Vi Location Tracking Solutions are GSM network-based and give you updates on the location of your moving assets, based on the coordinates of their nearest cell site. This level of monitoring improves your productivity and operations, simplifies the way you function and significantly reduces the level of risks.

  • Knowing where your employees are makes it easier to ensure their safety
  • It gives you auto alerts on the movements, delays, and stoppages during trips
  • You get access to useful data such as the location history of the asset, distance travelled and the time spent by an employee or resource at a particular location
  • This solution is cost-effective too, since it doesn’t require you to make additional investments for tracking devices and other equipment
Easy-to-use interface

The system comes with an easy-to-use map interface, with which you can track your assets and stay updated about their current location

Trip management

You can create trips from start point, end point, and intermediate points

Route Management

You will be updated when an asset deviates from the path of movement that was set for it

Attendance Management

With the help of geo-fencing, you can record the entry-time and exit-time of assets

User management

Varying rights of control and access can be given to different users within your organisation, based on their functions or departments. You also get the option to define your own parameters


You can create and manage calendars to define the time of the day, days of the month, or specific dates in a month when tracking shall occur

Easy to read report

You receive Time Profile Reports that are graphical and easy to read. They indicate the time spent by your assets at a particular location

Secure Web Interface

The portal can be used across different browsers and is secure

It is Cost-effective since it works on all GSM handsets and doesn’t require you to invest in tracking devices

You can receive geo-fence alerts, stoppage alerts, and on-time alerts for specific assets

Easily integrates with your business’ CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and WFM (Workforce Management)

Its user-friendly interface makes it easier to identify the safest and most economically viable routes for your assets

Scheduling is simpler too, as you can set the specific day and time, during which you want to receive location information of a particular asset

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