Helping SkillVertex connect to their target audience and expand their customer reach

SkillVertex is a Bengaluru-based e-learning platform, with a network of 80,000+ students. They provide numerous upskilling programs that cover28+ engineering and management domains. The company also specialises in offering value-add services that comprise of doubt clearing sessions, live placement assistance, as well as personality development training.

Business Challenge

•	The company faced major network issues with their existing telecom provider.

•	Their day-to-day operations were continuously hampered, with these issues resulting in a loss of potential opportunities, as well as existing clients.

Our Solution

•	We provided their employees with  400 Vi Postpaid connections.

•	These connections helped the company reach out to potential colleges and students, solve queries and pitch their products with seamless connectivity 
Business Impact

•	With Vi Postpaid, they have been able to reach their target audience more effectively, and accordingly expand and promote products into the market.
•	Backed by great connectivity and network speed, they were able to achieve a customer reach that currently stands at 15000+ with a total community strength of 80000+ students.

•	The company now enjoys a seamless experience that has increased their employee’s efficiency and improved customer conversations.

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