Trontek Case Study

Trontek is one of the fastest growing battery companies in India, providing batteries to major Electric Vehicle (EV) OEMs.

Business Challenge

• Due to the spike in demand for lithium-ion batteries, Trontek, being a major supplier, was facing difficulty in monitoring their battery behavior in real-time. 

• Better visibility on health & performance of batteries became crucial to survive in this increasingly competitive segment.

• They were also facing issues like battery theft in e-Rickshaws.
Our Solution

• We provided them with Vi IoT solution, that included an EV Battery tracking system powered with Vi IoT SIMs. This solution monitors & analyses the health, performance, and heating parameter of batteries in real-time.

• Our solution also provided a dedicated IP communication channel for seamless connectivity and SOS alerts via SMS to prevent theft of the batteries.
Business Impact

• With our solution, they now have complete visibility of their battery health in real-time across the product life cycle. 

• They are also able to monitor real-time power fluctuations of the batteries to ensure a better post purchase service. 

• As a result, they have been able to implement manageable, cost-efficient operations across India and achieve business scale & agility.

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