Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way businesses operate around the world. It is helping different businesses open up new revenue streams, improve efficiency across the board and get a clear view of their supply chains, assets and operations.


We want to help simplify your IoT deployments, with a wide range of enterprise-grade, end-to-end solutions to meet the specific needs of your business. Supported by our reliable and secure global network, you will be able to scale up your business easily and without limitations.


Our range of IoT solutions can help you deliver better accountability, faster implementation, and quicker return on your investments.

Featured Products

Integrated IoT Solutions

Secure, end-to-end IoT solutions for your business

Smart Security and Surveillance

IoT-based remote security and surveillance solutions

Managed IoT Connectivity

Monitor and manage assets, utilities, and personnel from a single web interface


Future-proof your business with fast, secure and scalable IoT eSIMs

Wireless payments

Highly secure point-to-point connectivity for wireless sales systems

Smart Energy Data Management

Monitor utility consumption data of your customers in real-time

Smart Mobility

Enhance vehicle safety, mobility and customer convenience with Smart Mobility solutions


Long-lasting SIMs designed to operate under extreme conditions.

Remote asset management

Remotely monitor and manage assets, machines and systems

IoT Partners

IoT Partner programme for collaborations with SI's


Chosen leader for IoT

CIO CHOICE in Large Enterprise category

Winner of Indian M2M Connectivity

Service Provider Company of the Year Award 2020

Chosen leader for IoT

CIO CHOICE in Large Enterprise category

Chosen leader for IoT at CIO CHOICE

Large Enterprise category

Best Service Initiative – IoT

Customer Fest Show

Best Customer Centric Company of the Year

Customer Fest Show (Jury Special Customer Experience Award)

Best Customer Experience Transformation – IoT

Customer Fest Show

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