As a business that powers innovative products and services of tomorrow the success of your IoT deployments rests heavily on your ability to swiftly and securely scale your solutions, while keeping costs at a minimum.  For this you need an IoT connectivity solution that can provide you with fast, continuous, reliable, real-time data, to enable you to make real-time decisions.

With ViTM IoT eSIM - our embedded IoT SIM solution, you get the flexibility to remotely switch the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) of your IoT devices, without changing the SIM card. This enterprise-grade, highly resilient IoT solution ensure that your business enjoys secure connectivity through embedded hardware, reduced costs through consolidation of network profiles, and a reduced hardware size - resulting in sleeker, more compact device designs.


This revolutionary solution can help you unlock new business opportunities by creating disruptive business models across industries like smart mobility, smart infrastructure, smart utilities, connected cold chain, connected farms, internet of medical devices & connected logistics.

  • Capable to switch to Network profiles/operators automatically, on the basis of network availability, or manually, over the air (OTA) in real-time
  • Available in all SIM form factors for integration across MFF2 devices

  • Enterprise-grade build, to ensure performance even in harsh weather conditions, with an operating range of -40°C to +105°C and a storage range of -40°C to +125°C

  • Bundled with our IoT Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) a remote provisioning, visibility and management platform for IoT eSIMs, across networks 

  • Designed to last with a long product life of up to 17 years at 85° C

  • Embedded into the hardware with pre-configured profile slots, thus ensuring high grade security with no scope for tampering or loss 

  • Operations become manageable, interoperable and cost-efficient in real time

  • Assurance of privacy, GSMA certified design and security through compliance and architecture

  • Creation of smarter and sleeker device designs, with optimized power

  • Scale and agility for business expansion

  • Convenience of consolidated payments, across multiple networks

  • Solutions as per Automotive AEC Q100 and Industrial Product Grade standards

  • Assurance of successful IoT deployments with robust testing for 40+ test scenarios, 1000+ hours of field testing, 20+ modules and 25+ devices certified with IoT lab-as-a-services 
  • Compatibility with multiple connected devices via ARAI and ICAT for use in AIS140 market

  • India's first telecom provider to commercially offer GSMA SAS-SM, DOT and AIS140 (Automotive Industry Standard) compliant eSIM 

  • Access to Future-Ready Device Consultation services through our IoT Lab, ensuring successful IoT deployments 

  • End-to-end IoT Managed Services Assurance, including hardware, profiles, VAHAN service support and KYC management 

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