Escorts Agri Machinery is one of the pioneers of farm mechanisation in India. In the last seven decades, they have committed themselves to enhancing India’s agricultural productivity and offer more value to farmers

Business Challenge

• Escorts were looking at new ways to engage more closely with farmers and build on their after-sales relationships with them 

• They also wanted to ensure maximum uptime and gain better insights on their tractors by adopting new technology
Our Solution

• We connected Escorts’ tractors by leveraging our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform. This allowed the company to remotely monitor the health of their tractors on a single dashboard and helped send out updates and alert farmers about maintenance, uptime and more

• Our Location Tracking solutions on GIGAnet helped locate and monitor their tractors in rural areas

• Our point-to-point voice solution facilitated calls between the service team at Escorts and farmers
Business Impact

• Escorts can now actively engage with farmers even after the sale of their tractors, thereby giving them a first mover advantage

• Escorts have complete visibility of their tractors even after they are sold and the solution also opened up a new avenue for after-sales revenue

• By staying connected to end customers, they were able to supply genuine spares at the right time, which would ensure the longer lifespan of tractors

• Our Managed IoT Connectivity Platform gives Escorts complete visibility and control, as well as a real-time view of data usage and billing of our IoT SIM’s within their tractors

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