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  1. VITSL issues “Certificate Of Product Performance on VIL Network” for devices/modules/chipsets etc. based on the documents produced and testing thereof based on test cases jointly developed by C-DOT and VITSL on the prototype/s submitted by the applicant.
  2. The standard procedures for test(s) on prototype(s) are stringent and best possible simulation of the field/ deployment scenarios in test environment.
  3. VITSL and/or C-DOT do not guarantee identical levels of performance in actual field and environment conditions and/or in the ecosystem interfaced with the product.
  4. VITSL and/or C-DOT is not responsible for testing each device/module/chipset/application etc. for which the Certificates are being issued.
  5. Applicants to facilitate all support and accessories required to successfully execute the test plan but not limited to device , application etc.
  6. Implementation of any recommendation given by VI -CDoT IoT lab for making changes in device, module, firmware for making compitable or improve performance will be responsibility of applicants.
  7. This Certificate of Product Performance issued herein shall be valid on the happening of either, one (1) year from the date of issuance or if any changes made in the hardware/firmware/application of the product, whichever is earlier.
  8. VITSL and CDOT hereby confirms that the performance of the product testing results across all identical devices/products wouldn't be uniform or similar, irrespective of the product having the same hardware/firmware versions.

NDA Clause

  1. VITSL and/or C-DOT is in no way responsible for any misuse or copying of any design/type/system in connection with the device/module/chipset/assemblies/application mentioned or referenced under the Certificate.
  2. Test(s) on prototype(s) is/are carried out on the basis of standard procedures as suitable for the scenario. These results derived from such tests cannot be disclosed unless specifically so ordered by Government, court, VITSL and/or C-DOT.
  3. Neither VITSL nor CDOT disclaims any liability or responsibility that may arise due to theft/damages /losses etc. which may have been caused on the product during transit either, before receipt of the same in the IOT Lab and after dispatch of the product from the IOT Lab.
  4. All cost and insurances associated during the transit of product either to the IOT Lab or from the IOT Lab to the applicant's/OEM's location, shall be borne solely by the respective applicant seeking for the certification.
  5. The applicant shall hold harmless and keep indemnified both VITSL and CDOT against any or all loss, damage, costs, fines, expenses and other liabilities arising due to any harm caused either to the IOT Lab or CDOT's test facility pursuant to the test performed on the product as per prescribed user manual .
  6. We would take all necessary reasonable endeavours and measures to safeguard the confidential information from unauthorised access, use, copying, reproduction or disclosure and will protect the confidential information using the same degree of care as a prudent entity would use to protect their own confidential information. Confidential information here may mean and include either of: (i) User Equipment info gathered through debug/diag access; (ii) Modem logs/on-device logs; (iii) Firmware; (iv) Device design; (v) Features/specs of one product should not be shared with another product applicant; (vi) test plans and cases over and above standard as shared by the applicant.

guide to locate all the device details

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