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As your business travels to new frontiers, so does your workforce. ViTM International Roaming plans give you and your employees the freedom to travel and stay connected with customers without worrying about roaming costs. 

Our global footprint and extensive partnerships make it possible for you to carry your work with you, everywhere, without worrying about changing your number or your operator. 


ViTM iROAM Plans
  • You can opt for a single pack and get up to 78% discount on voice calls and up to 95% discount on data calls
  • These plans keep you connected across 80+ top international destinations, including the USA, UK, China, Singapore and UAE
  • You can also choose between a 10-day, 30-day or an on-going iROAM pack to suit your travel needs


Bespoke Propositions


  • Your Account Manager can help you build a customised International Roaming plan, just for you
  • These plans are created keeping your business’ and employees’ roaming footprint in mind

With our iROAM plans, you and your employees can enjoy unmatched discounts on International Roaming, across 80+ top destinations, with a single pack

Our bespoke proposition gives you the flexibility to create a customised International Roaming solution for you, based on the roaming footprint of your organisation and your employees


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