SIP Central

Move your business to a telecom-grade Private Branch Exchange (PBX) model without any hardware maintenance or upgradation hassles. Our SIP Central is a Cloud-based Telephony platform that provides Voice-as-a-Service on IP Telephony. It is best suited for businesses with small, distributed offices, greenfield startups, or existing PBX/Centrex users who are looking for an upgrade.

  • Manage multiple devices and vendors across locations
  • Maintain uniformity in user experience across offices
  • Avoid the risk of technology and hardware obsolescence due to legacy infrastructure
  • Avoid high costs due to upgrades and maintenance
  • Complete OpEx-based pricing with Pay-as-you-use model
  • Short digit dialling across locations
  • Supports both Analog and IP end-user devices
  • PBX capabilities at user level
  • Can use the same LAN cable for data as well as voice
  • Supports all commonly used Audio Codecs
  • Geo-redundant architecture for ensuring business continuity
  • Avoid the hassles of hardware maintenance and upgrading voice infrastructure
  • Multi-location setup provides uniform user experience across offices
  • Manage your own internal numbering plan across locations with short digit dialling
  • Highly scalable

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