Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

More and more businesses are now moving away from traditional communication solutions to easily scalable and agile solutions that improve operational productivity while reducing costs.


ViTM Primary Rate Interface is a fixed-line voice service built keeping in mind this behavioural shift in how businesses are interacting with their customers, partners and colleagues, with a focus on scalability and agility.


The service provides 30 voice channels on a single link with the provision for both incoming and outgoing calls and can be used to handle large call volumes. It uses Traditional TDM technology for carrying out voice services. ViTM PRI is delivered on an Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange (EPABX) with a direct number allocated for each extension and is available for transactional as well as promotional calls (Up to 140).

  • Reduction of operational cost on voice infrastructure
  • Reduction of underutilisation of resources and uneven distribution of calls
  • No need to manage multiple physical links with multiple circuit IDs
  • Reduction of TAT for troubleshooting or breakdowns
  • Single line for multiple telephone connections
  • Provision for Direct Inward Dialling (DID) and Direct Outward Dialling (DOD)
  • Provision for National Pooling across locations
  • Dual last mile connectivity for redundancy
  • Provision for CUG across PRI and mobile subscribers
  • Delivers digital voice quality
  • Enables budgeting of calls
  • Offers EPABX-controlled rich call features
  • Allows for scaling up or down of as many phone lines as your organisation grows
  • Helps consolidate your analog infrastructure and provides better manageability
  • Provides Direct Inward Dialling to efficiently manage calls
  • CUG option between PRI and mobility services reduces calling costs
  • SLA commitment backed with 24*7 NOC support
  • Offers premium numbers and bundled proposition with EPABX

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