Audio Conferencing Solutions 

Our Audio Conferencing is a reliable, cost-effective solution that connects your workforce across geographies and time zones. This service allows multiple people to engage in a conference call, in their own virtual meeting rooms. It enables faster decision-making, reduces turn-around times and boosts productivity. And what’s more, it will help you drive down business travel costs significantly.

It is the perfect communication platform for sales and marketing calls, project management calls, investor calls, and more. With this service, you can:


  • Stay connected to your customers, partners and co-workers, without the need of an internet connection
  • Avoid high set-up cost and maintenance with Cloud-based Audio Conferencing
  • Seamless conference across worldwide locations
  • Complete OpEx-based pricing with Pay-as-you-use model
  • Conduct meetings without booking a reservation
  • Online audio console backed with superior features
  • International access numbers
  • Superior platform with geo-redundant architecture for BCP
  • Reliable platform to host a multi-party conference on a single call
  • Cost effective communication platform
  • Highly scalable to meet dynamic business needs

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