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Founder: Anil Kumar Jain Director and Sr. Instructor: Shikha Dhanwani


Swasthya Mantra Studio Yoga (SMS Yoga) transformed from being a mere concept to a full-fledged business in just 1 year. SMS Yoga was created with a goal of providing comprehensive, relaxing, and intuitive yoga and meditative sessions to everyone – under one roof

our journey

“The pandemic has taught us a lesson – thrive till you last."

And in the fight against pandemic, Yoga has been instrumental in building immunity and keeping the body functioning fit and fine, holistically. At SMS Yoga, we have toiled around the clock, to ensure that people can continuously access our enriching Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation sessions. 

challenges and Vi™ solutions


The concept of ‘Virtual Yoga’ is not only new, but also quite challenging. At SMS Yoga, we rely on technology to deliver sessions to the comfort of our customers’ home, while focusing on building an emotional connect with them as well.


But helping customers book appointments all day long was no easy task. That’s when Vi™ Business stepped in to provide their signature Auto Receptionist solution which helped us set up a virtual appointment desk to cater to those working out of their homes. 

our road ahead


Our goal is to introduce ancient Yoga techniques and meditation to the modern Indian household and keep citizens stress-free. Strengthening our course structure and developing mobile applications is also on the cards, since it will benefit those who want to access our services on the go.


There have been a lot of bends and turns, but we’re learning how to be flexible and adapt better day by day – just what we advocate to our customers.


After all, we are in the business of flexibility.

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