Small and Medium Businesses, like you, have been recognised as the backbone of the Indian economy, playing a significant role in the nation’s growth story. The potential of this sector continues to increase as newer ideas and technologies enter the market. However, the vast number of enterprises and the diversity of industries present a unique set of challenges. With the right tools on your side, your business can easily adopt digital technologies to drive growth.


ViTM Business’s tailor-made solutions are carefully curated by considering the diverse range of SMEs in India. Our digital tools and solutions can give your business an edge and help you move ahead, as you confidently build a better today and a brighter tomorrow.


Our SME portfolio is backed by a strong, integrated, ever-dependable, dynamic, and self-reliant network to improve your data experience, and is supported by a range of digital transformation solutions and partnerships, that will help you with :

Website Builder

Build a professional website for your business in minutes with pre-designed website templates. Set up an online store and enterprise-grade email for your business Tell me more

Customer Targeting Solutions

Glean deep insights into customer behaviour and target customers better through SMS, OBD calls, rich content and digital banners Tell me more

G Suite

Collaborate better and increase productivity with Google’s all-in-one suite of Cloud-based applications Tell me more

Audio Conferencing

A reliable and cost-effective solution to keep your employees and clients connected across locations and time zones Tell me more


Communicate efficiently with a range of postpaid plans for businesses with unlimited calling, data roll over, and a host of other benefits Tell me more

Device Security Solutions powered by Trend Micro

A single suite to manage and protect your business data across different devices and operating systems Tell me more

Secure Device Manager powered by IBM MaaS360

Secure your business data across devices and applications with a comprehensive, Unified Endpoint Management platform Tell me more

Vi™ Global linker

Share knowledge, learn from peers, and accelerate growth with digital solutions Tell me more

Cloud Telephony solutions

Integrate all your communication processes and automate different business processes with a completely OpEx-based Cloud Telephony service Tell me more

Mobile Workforce Essentials

Build and customise workforce management solutions ranging from wireless forms and work orders to GPS tracking and timekeeping Tell me more

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