Non-commercial usage policy :

A. It is unreasonable use of the Service/Promotion where Your use of the Service/Promotion is reasonably considered by Vodafone Idea Limited to be fraudulent use, to be contrary to the way the Service/Promotion is intended to be used, or to adversely affect the Vodafone Idea customers' use of or access to the Service/Promotion or the Vodafone Idea Network.


B. All plans with unlimited calling benefits are not meant for commercial use. Commercial usage is defined as (a) Calls to more than 300 unique numbers (mobile and/or landline and STD and/or ISD calls) in a week; AND (b) cumulative duration of Incoming calls < 15 minutes during any period of seven (7) consecutive days and (c) cumulative duration of Outgoing calls > 300 minutes per day, which is far in excess of the average daily talk time used by individual subscribers across telecom circles in India, being almost 60 times higher than national average daily talk time consumed by subscribers.


Self-pay :

The Authorized Signatory signing this CAF on behalf of the customer hereby confirm, consent and authorize VIL to sell Vi Postpaid Plan, IR packs, Data Packs, OTT services likewise or such other packs as may be branded by VIL for their COCP users. Such plan/s or pack/s will be activated upon the end user's request and their advance payments made directly by the end user either through VIL's dedicated channels or including but not limited to Vi website, app, etc with no liability on the enterprise customer entity.

Subscriber hereby declare and gives their consent to VIL for the collection, processing and use of their personal data such as, including but limited to, their name, contact details and employment related information for the purposes of using the Services and additional services according to VIL's Privacy Policy displayed on its website www.MyVi.in/business

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