Mswipe is one of India's largest independent mobile POS merchant acquirer and network provider, that offers POS based payment solutions

Business Challenge

Merchants usually face challenges while facilitating card payments at their customers' premises due to issues such as poor connectivity. Mswipe was created to tackle this problem, by enabling card payments via a device called Wisepad, linked to a smartphone. To  function effectively Mswipe needed a network partner who could deliver continuous and reliable connectivity, nationwide
Our Solution

Vi IoT SIM Connectivity solution helped Mswipe enable small retailers across India to carry out digital transactions at customer premises, without any hassles
Business Impact

• Vi IoT SIM Connectivity solution provides the most reliable, nationwide connectivity to Mswipe, with the option to expand operations internationally 

• With the solution deployed across 7000 merchants within the 1st year, Mswipe enabled small retailers to accept card payments, thereby reducing the cost of doing business

• It met the government and card industry regulations, with no customer data stored on local devices 

• This also paved the way for Mswipe to develop payment and customer loyalty apps for specific market sectors 

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