Field health workers like ASHA and Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) are health educators and serve as a key communication mechanism between the healthcare system and the rural population. Along with their usual responsibilities, these health workers have now stepped up to educate, monitor and help the rural population in these challenging times.

Business Challenge

• The field health workers are responsible for screening people in rural areas to contain the spread of infection, as well as educate them about importance of vaccines and other precautionary measures to be taken

• To ensure that the health workers stay connected to the rural population, they required seamless voice connectivity to access various portals continuously

• They also needed a robust internet connectivity so that they could access and update the infection rate on various government portals - without limitations – even from rural areas
Our Solution

To ensure continuous connectivity, we supplied Vi SIM cards with Data Pooling to the field health workers
Business Impact

• With Data Pooling, the teams can access internet to update the various government portals, as per every individual’s requirement. The solution also gives them access to unlimited talk-time, thus ensuring that they always stay connected

• The field health workers can now track infections and continue helping the rural population, in these challenging times

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