A new-age social commerce app that aims to encourage community reselling and entrepreneurship using social media platforms. The app specialises in offering a wide range of products to choose from, including categories like apparel, footwear, accessories, home decor items, etc. 

Business Challenge

• They were facing a challenge in centralising and resolving customer service-related queries

• Since their customers did not have a single point of contact, they would inadvertently call the relationship managers - some of whom are no longer associated with the company

• Thus, they wanted to establish a single point of contact for their customers – so that they could easily report any service-related issues
Our Solution

• We provided them with Auto Receptionist from our Vi Cloud Telephony solutions

• With this solution, immediate call backs could also be arranged for customers that required technical help
Business Impact

• Thanks to this solution, customers are now able to reach out for any service-related queries on a single number

• The app is also able to perform timely service checks and monthly follow-ups with the customers, helping them getting actionable feedback on their connectivity and service

• This solution has also helped secure the personal contact details of employees at different branch offices - since this single point of contact now eliminates the need to share their contact details with customers directly

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