Kotak Mahindra General Insurance (KGI), a 100% subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd, offers a range of non-life insurance covers including Motor, Health, Home Travel, Fire and Marine.

Business Challenge

• As per the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) mandate, all calls from agents to customers need to be recorded and stored

• However, due to employees having to suddenly shift to remote working, KGI did not have an existing automated call recording set up for their employees to take calls from home. It led to most employees manually dispatching the recordings to a central server. This increased the chances of errors or misuse of the recordings

• Apart from this, delivering devices, SIMs and activating them remotely proved to be another challenge

• Thus, Governance, User Efficiency and Quality Control were major priorities with employees working remotely
Our Solution

We provided them with a Cloud Telephony solution that included a single Virtual Mobile Number (VMN), call recording and SMS acknowledgement of missed calls 
Business Impact

• Over 60 KGI agents are now able to connect via our VMN to speak to their customers for renewals, reminders and cross sales 

• KGI management uses our VMN platform for Governance and Quality Control, by monitoring call recordings

• Our solution ensured that KGI could offered seamless service to customers. Not only did they get an improvement in efficiency by ~20%, even their NPS for related processes increased by 30%

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