Secure Device Management Solutions

Your valuable business data travels wherever your employees go – through their phones, their computers, and hard drives. This is why it is important to protect it on every device or application from where it can be accessed. Vi Secure Device Manager, powered by IBM MaaS360, gives you complete control over your data on company-owned or employee-owned devices. It is a comprehensive Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform that gives your business the confidence of switching to remote working or digital workplace models, without risking your business data.

Secure Device Manager helps control data access on all company-owned devices

Malware and threat management is taken care of by AI

You get a Single Sign-On (SSO) with Cloud Identity on both, web and mobile

Provides endpoint security of company data

Secure Application Management for employee-owned devices

AI-powered cognitive advisor for security updates and breaches

You can monitor your data on a business dashboard with app intelligence and reporting

Allows remote configuration of email accounts and remote pushing of critical in-house or public applications

Allows only trusted apps and content on any device

Prevents data leakage for enterprises

Seamlessly deploys data over the Cloud with data security

Offers an OpEx-based pricing since it involved no hardware or CapEx

Remote configuration of email accounts and remote push critical in-house or public applications

Provides endpoint security of company data

Easily scales across connections without any investment

Offers managed services for worry-free smartphone management  

Unparalleled service and support reach across the country

Enterprise-grade support and service across India 

Easy billing with zero CapEx and a monthly payment model

Seamless billing experience and pay as you use models

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