Managed DDoS Solutions

Having adequate security is essential for business continuity, especially when threats like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) are always looming. These threats impact your business and revenue by denying access of your business’ web services to genuine users. This impacts your brand image, employee productivity, customer retention, adds to help desk costs, recovery costs, and more.


ViTM Managed DDoS protection is a Carrier-grade solution that is integrated with ViTM FLD network to safeguard your business from a DDoS attack. It is an ‘Always On’ service, backed with stringent SLAs.

ViTM dedicated infrastructure deployed in our network helps in detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks that could possibly damage your business’ network infrastructure.

  • It helps prevent DDoS attacks targeted at your business’ network assets like servers, applications and more, which could impact the availability of business data to genuine users. A traditional network protection solution like a firewall can’t stand tall against these attacks
  • It can overcome the lack of security skillset or resources within your organisation to monitor the traffic flowing inside the network
  • Dedicated infrastructure installed in ViTM network, in collaboration with the world leading Arbor network
  • Arbor Peakflow® collector platform helps in detecting attacks and Peakflow® Threat Management System (TMS) helps in mitigating them
  • Dedicated Security Operation Centre (SOC) has a 24x7 yearly access for you, so that you can monitor your network and easily resolve incidents
  • Your business gets a cloud-based offering with no on-premise hardware requirement, for handling volumetric DDoS attacks
  • Eliminate the need for in-house security resources as ViTM offers it as a completely managed service
  • Avoid large cost implications from possible large-scale DDoS attacks
  • Get protection from any other third-party internet link attacks
  • Our solution is integrated with on-premise DDoS mitigation devices and acts as an additional layer of defence
  • You can access comprehensive DDoS reports via our online portal
  • Captive capacity of 100 Gbps to mitigate large volumetric attacks
  • The only service provider to offer layered mitigation architecture integrated with the cloud for additional cover and nearly unlimited capacity for DDoS protection
  • Hosted service model bundled with internet subscription

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