Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Stay connected to your business, employees, critical business functions no matter where you are with our Enterprise Mobility Solutions.

Featured Products

ViTM Postpaid

Stay connected and collaborate with your clients and colleagues

Mobile Call Recording Solutions

Discover Mobile Call Recording that’s flexible and cost-effective

Managed Mobility Solutions

Our end-to-end mobility solutions manage your devices, connectivity, security and more.


Connect your Smartphone and Smartwatch with a single eSIM

International Roaming

Stay connected across 80+ countries with our International Roaming plans

Location Tracking Solution

Monitor your consignments and vehicles with Vi™ Location Tracking Solutions

Customer Targeting Solutions

Improve your marketing roIe with our Customer Targeting Solutions

Secure Device Manager powered by IBM MaaS360

Get control over your data with ViTM Secure Device Manager


Winner of CIO Choice for Telecom Carrier Services

CIO Choice 2022

Winner of CIO Choice for Telecom Carrier Services

CIO Choice 2021

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