VPN Extended Connect (Cloud Connect) Services

In a multi-cloud world, your business needs to rely on a private network that connects not only your data centres, offices, and branches, but also your Cloud providers' data centres. This is why security and privacy are the most important parameters to consider while choosing your network connectivity partner to access cloud hosted applications.


Vi  VPN Extended Connect(cloud connect) gives you secure access to your business applications hosted on your Cloud provider’s data centres. This is achieved using our scalable and high-speed MPLS VPN connectivity via a robust network. Through this, you can connect to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google data centres over highly redundant, dual MPLS VPN connections.


  • It prevents security breaches while accessing online Cloud applications
  • You can run traffic prioritisation, VRF and Quality of Service (QoS) related features on the Internet
  • You can accelerate cloud adoption through a corporate MPLS network that extends to the cloud

Vi VPN Extended Connect is delivered on the largest n x 100 Gbps core network backbone in India with high reliability, security and uptime of 99.999%. VPN Extended Connect provides resilient connectivity to AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google data centres across India


It gives your business the advantage of high speed and secure access of your corporate applications, in a multi-cloud environment, with: 

High uptime, scalable MPLS VPN connectivity to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud providers

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on delivery time, network uptime up to 99.99%, MTTR, latency, packet drop, and jitter

6 Class of Service (CoS) to prioritise voice, video over other data traffic

A wide range of bandwidth options from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps for your business’ evolving needs

Vi Business - Wireline portal for network performance analytics, raising and tracking trouble tickets

Various network features: Multi-cast, Multi-VRF, IPv4/IPv6 and more

Easily extend your MPLS VPN network to various Cloud providers like AWS, Azure, Google

You can leverage a rapid turn-up with direct connections in days, which helps make your business more agile

Our easy-to-use online portal gives you service performance details and access reports, helps you create service requests and also monitor their status

It comes with dual diverse MPLS VPN connections to cloud data centres, which ensures 99.99% uptime

Powered by a 24x7 Network Operations Centre that monitors and maintains network health

Avail of OpEx-based pricing for connectivity that aligns well with Cloud pricing and helps manage ROI

Vi Business has over 360,000 kms of fibre, 2,70,000 base stations and over 5,000 POPs (Points of Presence) in more than 200 cities across India and a direct network presence in over 75 countries. In addition to this we have a partnered presence in over 180 countries, which helps us give your business exceptional reach and a high quality of service

Access to comprehensive service coverage with 24x7 NOC in Pune and Hyderabad, Technical Service Managers across India and a Self-Care portal

You gain the ability to connect your head office, branch office or remote office using a large bouquet of network options covering fibre, radio, broadband and 4G/3G/2G

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