Leased Circuits (NPLC, PLC) Services

The information that travels on your business networks is invaluable, which is why it is necessary to set up a reliable, secure, and transparent infrastructure to support it. Our Leased Circuits (LC) offer you just this via an optic-fibre network.Vi Leased Circuits is offered in two variants, depending on your business needs – National Private Leased Circuits and International Private Leased Circuits.

Our predictable service parameters across global sites are designed to keep your connection running continuously, while safeguarding mission critical applications. In addition to this Vi shared network ensures security compliance and successfully mitigates threats. Our network service is also available for DC, IT Hubs, and more.

Vi Leased Circuits (LC) are delivered on the largest n x 100 Gbps core network backbone in India, with high reliability, security and uptime of 99.999% nationally and globally, across more than 60 countries.


  • 100% - 97% throughput based on the optical network technology used
  • A wide range of bandwidth options from 2 Mbps to multiple 10 Gbps or 100 Gbps, to meet changing needs
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on delivery time, network uptime up to 99.5% on fibre, MTTR, latency, packet drop and jitter for NPLC. Network uptime up to 99% on fibre for unprotected links and up to 99.5% on fibre for protected links, MTTR, latency, packet drop and jitter for IPLC
  • Vi Business - Wireline  portal for raising and tracking your trouble tickets
  • Transparent to all CoS / QoS
  • Channelised and non-channelised BW delivery for NPLC
  • EoSDH, EoOTN - Ethernet Electrical or Optical handover
  • Intercity, Intracity circuits for NPLC
  • Ability to provision traffic prioritisation for mission critical applications in voice, video or data
  • Powered by a 24x7 Network Operations Centre that monitors and maintains network health
  • You can choose from various options of managed services to suit your business requirement
  • Experience a service that is backed by stringent SLAs
  • Our easy-to-use online portal gives you service performance details and access reports, helps you create service requests and also monitor their status
  • Your business enjoys lower administrative costs 
  • Vi Business has over "300,000" kms of fibre, 2,70,000 base stations in more than 200 cities across India, with a BBG landing station in India and multiple global landing stations
  • Access to the global network of Vodafone Idea limited Group to seamlessly connect to international locations. 
  • You can now connect your head office, branch office or remote office using a large boutique of network options, covering fibre and unlicensed band radio
  • Access to comprehensive service coverage with 24x7 NOC in Pune and Hyderabad, Technical Service Managers across India and a Self-Care portal

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