Vi Cloud Managed Services

Vi Cloud Managed Services end to end server management.

With most business processes and systems moving to the cloud, cloud-based services have become the backbone of modern businesses. However, rapid technology changes, growing data security threats, unexpected downtime result in high complexity when managing cloud-based services in-house.


With Vi Cloud Managed Services, your business gets access to state-of-the-art Cloud Infrastructure housed in Data Centers of highest global standards to host your production as well as Test & Dev environment. Businesses with conscious IT infrastructure investments & sta­rt-ups can benefit from this customisable end-to-end solution that is secure, scalable, efficient, and cost-effective.

With our solution, you get access to


  • Choice of Public & Private Cloud environments
  • Multiple Instance types in Public Cloud - General Compute, High Performance Compute, Memory Intensive Compute, etc 
  • Storage, Network, Licenses (OS & Database) and much more
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure over public cloud and resiliency features for your core IT and endpoint backups
  • Multi-layer security from the perimeter to the application that is required for your business. Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration Testing (PT) , Security Incident and Event Management to gain a more granular visibility for audit and compliance
  • Access to cloud infrastructure over public as well as private network 
  • Simple and cost-effective Disaster Recovery Solution with complete DRS frameworks
  • Compliance and Certifications - ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 9001: 2015, AICPA SOC1, AICPA SOC 2, MEITY, PCI DSS, CSA 

Vi Cloud Managed Services comprises of three variants

  •  Public Cloud
  •  Private Cloud
  •  Community Cloud

Vi Public Cloud is suited for enterprises that want to switch from their legacy IT infrastructure, modernise their application landscape and focus on their core businesses. This service offers secure, scalable, flexible, and agile infrastructure for enterprises across India.


Product features:

  • Custom Components: Easily design and customise your virtual instances, licenses and other components including storage and network

  • Security: Best-in-class options from perimeter to application security 

  • Compliance: Industry and regulatory compliant with in-country data sovereignty laws

  • Deployment: Access to faster deployment that can scale as per business demands


With this solution, customers can enjoy the following benefits

  • Flexible cloud-based solutions as per your business requirement

  • Easy planning, deployment and monitoring of IT infrastructure

  • End-to-end life cycle management including migration and managed Services

our diverse range of Public Cloud Services

High Performance Compute as a Service (HPCaaS)

High Performance Computing (HPC) is the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds. It uses parallel processing for running advanced application programs efficiently, reliably, and quickly. HPC as a Service (HPCaaS) is offered as a service model where HPC users can use on-demand VM’s or Baremetal servers without having to spend significant time and resources in procuring and setting up the physical servers and the necessary back-end resources.

A single server node of HPC with V100 GPUs can replace over 60 CPUs. There is a huge demand for High Performance Computing infrastructure from industries which are adopting AI & ML for their applications like Automotive, Manufacturing & Retail, BFSI, Healthcare & Pharma, IT/ITeS, Security and Telecom to name a few.

With this solution, customers can enjoy the following benefits

  • Instant access to the HPC environment without the hardware investments
  • Multiple and flexible choices, such as dedicated, virtual and bare metal computing infrastructure, with other ancillary services as add-ons
  • High uptime and guaranteed SLA
  • Flexible configuration and support, including round-the-clock support and technical assistance

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Our VDI solution is powered by NVIDIA vGPUs and allows users to work on graphics, movies, 3D architectural designs, AI/ML applications, and much more from anywhere, without huge investments in traditional, expensive desktop workstations. Simply log in remotely to your secured cloud workstations using any endpoint with an internet connection and get enhanced performance, power, and security.

With this solution, customers can enjoy the following benefits

  • Multi-monitor support
  • Fast and scalable deployment with unlimited data transfer plans
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Native workstation experience and extreme performance with enterprise-grade GPU

Endpoint Backup solution

This solution offers a next-generation, enterprise-grade, and fully managed endpoint backup and recovery solution that protects critical endpoint data from loss due to ransomware, hardware failures, accidental or intentional deletion of data, theft of devices, human error, or malicious attacks. It ensures secure backup of data on a scalable, secure cloud storage platform that enables recovery at a click of a button.

With this solution, customers can enjoy the following benefits

  • Simple, secure, and safe endpoint backup and recovery
  • Source-side data compression, deduplication, 2F authentication and 256-bit level AES encryption in transit and at rest
  • Complete control and visibility
  • Automated backup with no impact on productivity
  • Robust, secure cloud advantage
  • Remote management and geo-tracking

Vi Private Cloud is a customised solution for your application hosting on a dedicated infrastructure. The solution is designed on the specific requirements of a customer to provide complete control and visibility. Customers can select the DC locations for their private cloud and get end-to-end managed services from Vi. The private cloud comes with a security and compliance-ready framework to help enterprises deploy and migrate existing workloads in a private environment, while remaining compliant with data sovereignty laws.

Product features

  • Customisation: Dedicated and custom hardware
  • Security: Choice of multiple security options
  • Compliance: Industry and regulatory compliance with in-country data sovereignty laws 
  • Deployment: Access to professional services for the delivery and configuration

With this solution, customers can enjoy the following benefit

  • Easily plan, access, implement and manage private cloud instances
  • Get access to a customised solution that fulfils your business requirement
  • Remain compliant to legacy systems, company, and regulatory policies
  • Access Service Improvement Programs, along with access to Proactive Alert­ Mechanism to minimise incidents
  • Managed services from industry certified professionals with complete life cycle management

The community cloud fulfils the common/shared requirement of customers. This Cloud is designed to tackle core challenges within the industry like BFSI, Manufacturing, Government, etc., by providing cloud infrastructure with controls to reduce complexity, increase uptimes while being compliant to the specific segment regulatory and Cyber security guidelines.

  •       Faster time to market
  •       Meet the shared security and compliance requirement
  •       Access to industry certified infrastructure
  •       Domain specific industry best use cases

  • Access to single point of contact for Connectivity, Voice, Data Center Services (Colocation & Cloud - Public/Private/Hybrid), IoT & Security services
  • Data centers are available across Mumbai, Bengaluru, Noida & Hyderabad for customers to choose from, basis their business needs
  • All data centers are connected on high capacity data links, ensuring lower latencies, higher uptimes & agile deployment
  • Best-in-class efficiency with industry lowest PUE, World-class security per TIA 942 standards, Certifications & Compliance
  • Ability to provide managed services - OS management, DB management, Network management & monitoring of services along with Identity and Access Management (IAM), System and Organisation Controls (SOC) Service & much more

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