ViTM Cloud Managed Services powered by Cloud4C

With most business processes and systems moving to the cloud, cloud-based services have become the backbone of modern businesses. However, rapid technological changes, along with the growing security threats to data and downtimes can make it extremely difficult for businesses, like yours, to manage all cloud-based services in-house.


With Vi™ Cloud Managed Services powered by Cloud4C, your business gets access to world-class Rated- 4 data centers from across the country, to house your critical applications in world-class data centers across the country.

Suitable for start-ups, SMEs, and businesses with low IT infrastructure investments, this customisable, end-to-end solution that is secure, scalable, efficient and cost effective, can help fulfill the current as well as future needs of your organisation.  

With Vi™ Cloud Managed Services, you have access to: 

Multiple Instances
Multiple Instances

vCores, vRAM, Storage, Networks, OS & DB Licenses and much more


Hardening of Infrastructure with Vulnerability Assessment (VA), Penetration Testing (PT) and access to SIEM features to gain a better visibility


Access to cloud infra over internet as well as private connectivity like MPLS


Simple & Cost-effective data recovery solution with DRS frameworks

Compliance and certifications
Compliance and certifications

ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 9001: 2015, AICPA SOC1, AICPA SOC 2, MEITY, PCI DSS, CSA

Vi™ Cloud Managed Services powered by CtrlS is available in 4 variants: 


Vi™ Public Cloud

Vi™ Private Cloud

Vi™ (Disaster Recovery Services) 

Vi™ Infrastructure Modernization Services

Vi™ Public Cloud is best suited for enterprises that want to upgrade from legacy IT infrastructure, as well as for emerging enterprises that lack the technical know-how and haven't invested in physical server & IT infrastructure. This service uses Cloud4C infrastructure to provide best-in-class, secure, scalable and agile infrastructure for enterprises across India.


Product features

  • Custom Components
    Easily design and customize your server instances, licenses and other components, including disk storage, network & security devices

  • Security
    Best-in-class options, from perimeter to application, as well as infrastructure hardening with VA & PT

  • Compliance
    Industry and regulatory compliance with country data regulations and norms

  • Deployment
    Access to faster deployment, that can scale as per the business demands


With this solution, your business can

  • Access flexible cloud-based services as per the business requirement

  • Ensure easy planning, assessment and monitoring of IT infrastructure

  • Access the cloud servers via Internet as well as private connectivity

Vi™ Private Cloud is a customised solution that provides end-to-end migration of mission-critical instances on to a private cloud environment. It comes with a security and compliance-ready framework to help enterprises deploy and migrate existing workloads to a private environment, while remaining compliant with data sovereignty laws.

Product Features

  •  Unshared & Custom Hardware
    Customised IaaS caters to your enterprise needs, thereby supporting RISC, CISC, P-Series, HP-UX, HP-AIX, Sun Solaris, Petabyte Storage, Exadata, SafeNet GSLV, IBM Power

  • Security
    26 security tool options with 40+ security controls ensures data security from anywhere, at any time

  • Compliance
    Industry and regulatory compliance with in-country data regulations and norms

  • Deployment
    Access to faster deployment (within 2-4 weeks), that can scale as per business demands


With this solution, your business can

  • Easily plan, access, implement and manage private cloud instances
  • Get access to a customized solution that fulfills the business requirement
  • Remain compliant to legacy systems company & regulatory policies
  • Access Service Improvement Programs, along with access to Proactive Alert Mechanism to minimise incidents
  • Get superior quality of service and complete life cycle management

This simple, cost-effective data recovery solution with DRS frameworks is custom designed to provide end-to-end Disaster Recovery services on the cloud. This certified DRS solution provides enterprises with a primary production environment, deployed in the Rated-4 DC and is compliant with all regulatory aspects. This ensures resilience for businesses by delivering uninterrupted services, with world class SLA’s for mission-critical workload.


This solution is domain & geography agnostic and supports clients with complex heterogeneous environments, ensuring SLA-based commitments for results, including recovery during DR times and resumption after DC stabilization.


Product Features

  • Hot Disaster Recovery
    Suitable for RPO & RTO, during mission-critical applications like core banking and more

  • Warm Disaster Recovery
    Suitable for relatively higher RPO & RTO i.e. core infrastructure, mail, file servers, and more

  • Cold Disaster Recovery
    Suitable for low RPO & RTO, during non-critical applications

  • Robust Framework with 24x7x365 monitoring
    IT BCP Compliance ISO 22301, Rated-4 cloud-based recovery services with customised DR capacity. DR setup with ownership of DR SLAs

  • Multi-platform, multi-app
    Platform and complex Application driven RPO* and RTO* on minute-to-minute basis



*RTO refers to the maximum length of time that your given application can be offline. 

*RPO refers to the maximum acceptable duration of time during which data may be lost from your application due to any major incident


Vi™ Disaster Recovery Services is further available in two variants,

  1. Colocation Disaster Recovery Services
  2. Public & Cloud Disaster Recovery Services


With Colocation Disaster Recovery Services, your business can

  • Ensure smooth functioning of critical applications and servers during events like disasters, load spikes, planned downtimes etc. and plan for a segregated on prem IT disaster recovery infrastructure. 
  • Get access to multiple zones and data centers at multiple locations
  • Get a customised, cost effective, lean DR, while ensuring critical network access speeds


With Private/Public Cloud Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Services, your business can 


  • Ensure flexibility of extending mission critical applications to to data centers & ensure resilience for businesses by delivering uninterrupted services.
  • Get support for a wide range of operating systems as well as innovative solutions for databases that require large VMs. This solution comes with production-grade systems to support Oracle, SQL Server, HANA and other databases including open source such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop and more

Vi™ Infrastructure Modernisation Services (IMS) help enterprises elevate their apps and services to the next level of performance and manageability. This solution provides an option for a combination of on-premise and hosted cloud solutions, to ensure business continuity with a flexibility and scalable workload. Along with ubiquitous SaaS applications, IMS provides optimum value and flexibility to enterprises functioning in all sectors.


Product Features

  • Cloud Assessment & Discovery workshops to build a comprehensive migration strategy

  • Fail proof, secure, risk averse migration framework selection

  • Resource preparation, migration planning, design, testing and UAT

  • Certified & compliant migration tool selection, migration and post-migration testing with failback options

  • Managed Services including DRaaS, DevOps services, data modernisation, security services


With this solution, your business can

  • Improve quality of services & eliminate issues with legacy infrastructure

  • Achieve higher availability of infrastructure uptime up to 99.95%

  • Upgrade to a reliable & scalable infrastructure

  • Increase performance and reliability

  • Zero single points of failure, 99.995 % uptime per annum, 

  • 2N+1 infrastructure (two times the amount required for operation plus a backup)

  • 26.3 minutes of maximum downtime per annum

  • 96-hour power outage protection

  • 8 zone security

  • Customized plans

  • Lowest power bills

ViTM Identity and access management (IAM)


ViTM Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a framework of policies and technologies for ensuring appropriate technology resource access to the right users. This solution enables your organisation to securely store identity and profile data along with data governance, to ensure that only necessary and relevant data is shared. IAM helps in securing and protecting sensitive data within the system.

Product Features

Single Sign-On

Multiple systems access with a single user id and password

Dual Factor Authentication

Two levels of authentication in order to grant access

Password Vault

Secured password vault for saving sensitive credentials

Granular Access Control

Selective workload access to shortlisted individuals or groups

SMART Audit Trails

System level/ application level or user level audit trails

Single Admin Control

Centralized permission to access all workloads

Virtual Grouping

Segregate user groups basis their roles, positions, and expertise

ViTM System and Organisation Controls (SOC)

ViTM System and Organisation Controls (SOC) service provides pre-defined, standardised benchmarks for controls related to security, processing integrity, confidentiality or privacy of your data centre's system and information.


 ViTM System and Organisation Controls (SOC) is further available in two variants

  • SOC 1 solution provides controls over financial reporting

  • SOC 2 service establishes a process that guarantees oversight across your organisation that involves monitoring for any unusual, unauthorised or suspicious activity.


ViTM SOC service (SOC-1 and SOC-2), with SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management), also comes with a master console to provide security intelligence solutions in a cost-effective manner. SIEM helps ensure effective threat management by providing detailed data access and user activity reports.


Product Features

  • Real-time log & data collection, event correlation basis history, devices and anomaly correlation

  • Data retention for compliance, Log management & Incident forensics

  • Data examination/obfuscation to ensure security around workloads

  • Advanced analytics to track user behavior, analytics to detect internal and external threats, Threat Intelligence Feeds to ensure continuous upgrades

  • Real-time notifications & alerts to mitigate threats. Prioritisation of threats as critical, high, medium, low events based on the logs collected

  • Security Orchestration and Automation Response (SOAR) system to define incident analysis and response procedures for every asset, thus helping prevent cyber attacks

  • Supports LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) integration & supports Radar configuration for LDAP

  • Access to single point of contact for Connectivity, Voice, Data Center Services (Colocation & Cloud - Public/Private/Hybrid), IoT & Security services 

  •  Data centers are available across Mumbai, Bengaluru, Noida & Hyderabad for customers to choose from, basis their business needs 

  •   All data centers are connected on high capacity data links, ensuring lower latencies, higher uptimes & agile deployment 

  •  Best-in-class efficiency with industry lowest PUE, World-class security per TIA 942 standards, Certifications & Compliance 

  • Ability to provide managed services - OS management, DB management, Network management & monitoring of services along with Identity and Access Management (IAM), System and Organisation Controls (SOC) Service & much more 

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