The Kolkata Police Force (KPF) is one of the three presidency police forces in the Indian state of West Bengal, commissioned to police the metropolitan expanse of Kolkata

Business Challenge

• KPF used to communicate with traffic violators in the traditional postal/ manual method. In the digital era, it was important to get rid of  the old methods and adopt an automated solution
Our Solution

• Vi™ business  provided KPF with a 10-digit Global Virtual Number through which police constables could send messages about traffic violations 

• We also deployed a Bulk SMS solution to facilitate intimation of traffic violations to offenders

• With the help of a service partner we integrated Vi™ business services with the KPF server 
Business Impact

• KPF can now send SMS notifications to traffic violators. They have the complete details of the violator's vehicle and their registered mobile numbers mapped to the vehicle

• Since communication is automated, it’s now easier to book traffic violators

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