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Business Challenge

• Being a voice-based solutions provider, call maturity and connectivity are extremely important parameters for Voice Snap. However, they were facing issues on both aspects, leading to a rise in customer complaints.

• The issue arose due to non-availability of backup links from their existing provider, resulting in productivity and revenue loss.

• The existing provider was also unable to provide real-time visibility, monitoring and reporting, thus leading to a delay in the links being restored once affected.
Our Solution

• We provided them with our Vi SIP Trunking solution, which provides multiple voice channels basis business needs, with no restriction on maximum count.

• Along with this, Vi SD-WAN solution gave them access to real-time link performance monitoring and application-wise usage tracking.
Business Impact

• Our Vi SIP Trunking solution helped with a significant increase in call maturity rates and a fall in end customer complaints.

• With Vi SD-WAN, they now have access to centralised management and application-wise usage analysis, thus reducing infrastructure costs and improving operational efficiencies.

• This has resulted in Voice Snap Services Private Limited being able to develop multi-level account engagement, stronger relationships, and a better service provision to the customers.

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