The Kolkata Police Force (KPF) is one of the three presidency police forces in the Indian state of West Bengal, commissioned to police the metropolitan expanse of Kolkata

Business Challenge

KPF used to communicate with traffic violators in the traditional postal/ manual method. In the digital era, it was important to get rid of  the old methods and adopt an automated solution
Our Solution

• ViTM Business  provided KPF with a 10-digit Global Virtual Number through which police constables could send messages about traffic violations 

• We also deployed a Bulk SMS solution to facilitate intimation of traffic violations to offenders

• With the help of a service partner we integrated Vi™ Business services with the KPF server 
Business Impact

• KPF can now send SMS notifications to traffic violators. They have the complete details of the violator's vehicle and their registered mobile numbers mapped to the vehicle

• Since communication is automated, it’s now easier to book traffic violators

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