Yasho Creations is an interior design company that offers its services across a variety of residential and commercial projects and supplies wooden services, toughened glass and ACP sheets, among other products. Yasho Creations started in the year 2017 as a one-stop interior design service company. They work with expert teams that have years of industry experience, each catering to a specialised segment of construction and interior design.

Business Challenge

• Being a boutique design firm, the owner had to manually overlook every aspect and every team. Due to this, they rarely had the time and resources to focus on marketing for growth and had to rely on traditional marketing methods to acquire new business 

• Yasho Creations found it difficult to present itself to prospective clients without a proper website. The company could hardly secure new customers without time-consuming efforts and word-of-mouth networking that had very limited, localised reach. With an annual turnover of Rs 50 lakh, advertising was also an expensive affair. Any additional costs in business development led to additional costs to the services rendered, making them less competitive. The needed a more cost effective solution to meet their marketing needs 
Our Solution

• We offered them Vi Website Builder, our suite of services carefully designed for small businesses to create a customised online presence, that could be used to showcase their offerings to millions of netizens 

• With Vi Website Builder, the created and designed their own unique domain and website that was accessible across all devices, with professional, customised email addresses and bundled with enhanced security filters like anti-spam, anti-phishing, and more 
Business Impact

• With their very own website in place, Yasho Creations was able to use digital marketing to promote their services and reach out to potential customers across cities 

• With digital marketing, the company aims to slash fixed costs associated with traditional marketing by 10% 

• With the enhanced brand value built due to a professionally-designed online presence, Yasho Creations is confident of ushering in a new wave of growth 

To know more about how we can help your business, request a call back or reach out to us directly at 1800 123 123 123

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