Kaleyra is a global messaging and voice solutions provider, offering Bulk SMS Gateway, Click to Call, Call Masking, Toll-free Numbers, Short Code services. They help businesses reach out to their customers easily and build memorable brand experiences.

Business Challenge

• Since Kaleyra was using multiple providers for its solutions, they faced the complexity of managing multiple provider systems

• Seamless integration was missing in their communication processes, leading to frequent downtimes, impacting customer revenues and services to their end customers

• They were looking for a total communications solution provider with focus on enterprise mobility and stringent SLAs to seamlessly migrate their business. Since the number was live and used by end customers, it was crucial to assign call forward to their Direct Inward Dialling’s number with Call Recording Interactive Voice Response (CR IVR) within hours of migration
Our Solution

• More than 4000 Vi postpaid connections with call forwarding to DID numbers were deployed with their Cloud Telephony platform across India 

• Over 130 Virtual Mobile Numbers were deployed pan India for lead generation

• 25 Toll Free, 10 PRI, and 500 SIP Trunking connections were deployed for powering Cloud Telephony service to their end customers
Business Impact

• We helped Kaleyra seamlessly transition to Vi Business solutions with minimum downtime & impact on their businesses, by collaborating with multi-circle Credits and Collection (CNC) and other service teams for project delivery across 17 circles

• These solutions have helped boost the company’s revenue steadily in the past few years

To know more about how we can help your business, request a call back or reach out to us directly at 1800 123 123 123

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