Helping an orthopedic clinic easily manage patients calls and provide faster treatment

An orthopedic Clinic enables patients across all age categories to manage bone-related ailments. The clinic provides end-to-end treatments to bone & joint-related problems using the right diagnostic and treatment methods.

Business Challenge

• The clinic was short on reception staff to handle patient calls regarding queries and appointment bookings

• As a result, many patients’ calls went unanswered, and some callers had to wait a while before their call went through
Our Solution

• We provided the clinic with Auto Receptionist from Vi Cloud Telephony - an IVR-based solution that can be easily set up to manage all incoming patient calls and directly transfer the calls to the relevant specialists - without any human intervention or delay
Business Impact

•  With this solution, patients of this Clinic can now check a doctor’s availability and book appointments from the comfort of their homes, without enduring long call wait times

• Emergency cases now get higher priority and can be tended to immediately

• There has been no additional requirement of personnel to handle appointments and queries, since the Clinic is now able to digitally manage their operations

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