A Gujarat-based digital marketing and tele-advertisement company scaled up and centralised their infrastructure with Vi

Business Challenge

• They needed telecom infrastructure from a stable primary operator, to design different brand campaigns

• They were looking to expand their pan-India reach, with uniform infrastructure located in one area

• They required a centralised infrastructure to manage calling services with over 12,000 agents that generated total call volumes of 3 lakhs, per day
Our Solution

• Vi provided them with a stable and cost-effective Cloud-based call service platform, to support and execute these large-scale call volumes 

• We provided 4,000 mobile connectivity solutions, 12,000 SIP Trunk solutions, and a cloud-based digital platform to manage all calls

• The SIM cards we provided were activated from a central location and distributed to agents across all states and territories

• We activated resources allotted at one place to manage inventory of this scale and operate in a seamless manner
Business Impact

• The organisation was able to expand their reach and manage their high call volumes, thanks to our centralised framework 

• They now have a single SPOC for all fulfilment and service-related issues of any scale

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