Wireless Payments

With the business landscape changing all around us, cashless and contactless transactions are rapidly becoming the preferred mode of payment.

Vi™ Wireless Payments provides a host of secure, point-to-point connectivity solutions that power financial transactions for wireless sales systems.


These wireless solutions enable secure, end-to-end transactions between banking systems or payment gateways and end devices.

When a transaction is initiated by swiping a card or making an e-payment, the Vi™ IoT SIM securely transmits this data to the payment gateway or system, receives an acknowledgement and then relays the transaction status back to the end user.

  • Point-to-point private APN with IP Sec or MPLS last-mile solution
  • Priority SLA due to sensitive nature of transactions
  • Fully compliant with RBI guidelines for banking transactions and transmissions
  • Mobile network encryption, providing an additional level of security
  • Highly secure service ensures transaction safety
  • Faster turnaround time for technical resolutions
  • Convenient, staggered activation to match customer’s deployment plan
  • Suitable solution for disbursement of subsidies, wages and for mini-ATMs

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