Smart Security and Surveillance 

With security becoming one of the key factors influencing a customer’s purchase decision of various services and solutions, it is more important than ever for businesses to secure their data as well as business premises, to avoid security breaches.


ViTM Smart Security and Surveillance empowers businesses by delivering customised security solutions based on specific requirements. It works by creating point-to-point connectivity, either over traditional GSM or fixed line networks, to deliver remote data from end devices to your organisation’s central servers. You can choose from a range of connectivity options including wireless connectivity with private APN and IP or URL whitelisting. MPLS connectivity either as backhaul or as a last-mile solution.

Secure solution with both mobility and fixed line components

Priority SLA due to sensitivity of data

Customised solution design

Supports a wide variety of devices including cameras, routers and sensors

Mash-up solutions including both fixed and mobile available as per requirement

Protection of sensitive data

Expert IoT support

Flexibility to deploy suitable fixed or mobility technology

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