Smart Energy Data Management

Having real-time visibility and information of your customers utility consumption can help you monitor your business in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Whether you are a gas, water or electricity company, ViTM Smart Energy Data Management Solutions deliver a wealth of detailed, real-time data by connecting meters to servers through GPRS, so you can monitor the utility consumption of your customers. From monitoring domestic gas usage and electricity for homes right up to large scale grid management, our Smart Energy Data Management Solutions deliver a whole array of business opportunities and benefits, be it providing personalised services or reducing pollution and carbon emissions.

Generate accurate bills for your customers , every time

Reduce overhead costs of manual meter reading

Enable billing based on actual rather than estimated consumption

Minimise potential loss caused by energy theft

Reduce the cost of supplying energy and other utilities

Reduce the carbon footprint of your organisation

Improve efficiency and reliability in distribution

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