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How to get a 4G SIM delivered and activated in a Jiffy

We currently have thousands of delighted customers who ordered and got doorstep delivery of a 4G SIM card. Our team strives to make sure that you receive your gateway to the internet and unlimited calling exactly when you want it.


While we strive to always delight and ensure that our 4G SIM cards are delivered to you as per the promised date and slot, there are some instances where delays in delivery and eventually activations of the doorstep delivered SIM cards occur.


The reasons may vary from scheduling issues to documentation not complete, to some technical glitch. But after running these operations for over a year, and delivering to thousands of pin codes and customers, we have realised that following a few etiquettes can make the journey smoother. And this is what this blog is about, so let's get going!


Firstly, pick a SIM card home delivery slot which is convenient for you. Vi™ provides you with an option to choose a slot within the next 48 hours by scheduling it here.


You can also reschedule the delivery date before you explore a whole new world with one of India's fastest 4G networks.


Once you complete your order one of our delivery executives will contact you to set up your doorstep delivery by confirming a slot as per your convenience.


At the time of your 4G SIM home delivery, be ready with your proof of address and proof of identity - any of the standard document works - Aadhaar card, Voter ID, PAN card, Passport, the easiest and fastest being your Aadhaar card.


Please ensure that you have the original documents ready so our delivery executive can take a picture of your documents. Our executive would also require a picture of you, so be ready to get one clicked.


So, sit back, relax and give us 24 hours to get you on to India's fastest 4G network with loads of surprises.


Happy chatting!



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