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Order a 4G SIM online & get a world of benefits delivered to you

A smartphone user's daily routine is quite easy to predict. While enjoying their morning coffee, they flip through the news on their phone, catch-up on some social media updates, and sometimes even take some electronic notes for the to-dos of the day. To get to work, they use apps to take them to their destination. And while at work, they probably order their favourite food that is delivered right to their workspace. 


If it's a relatively free evening, they have options to either watch some great shows on their phone through a content app or use a movie-ticket booking app to catch the latest movie. From checking emails to chatting through messages, a smartphone user uses many apps to keep on top of things.


If you're ready to live the smartphone life with super-fast 4G speeds, all you have to do is order your SIM online. Vi™ has introduced free delivery of their postpaid 4G SIM, delivered at a time which is convenient for you. You can order a 4G SIM from your home, office or even while on-the-move with the help of the Vi™ app , and get your SIM delivered without any hassle. If you already have a mobile number from another operator and would like to enjoy amazing digital experiences on Vi™ , you can also port your existing number by visiting our MNP page.


If you ask us why we started the 4G SIM order delivery, the most important reason is convenience. We realised that getting a phone 4G SIM card takes planning . Our customers would have to find the time and visit our store to get a new SIM. According to us, ordering a SIM card online and getting it delivered has made life easy for many.


Many people change cities to pursue higher education, find a new job or for a change in the job location. Now when you move cities, you might have to run around for your gas connection but not for a SIM card. Just visit our postpaid connection page to buy a sim card online and leave the rest to us, our team will be more than happy to deliver a SIM to your doorstep at a time of your convenience. 
Digital experience is an integral part of our lives and at Vi™, we aim to simplify your life digitally. Getting a 4G ready SIM online with lots of content, commerce and convenience is just the start. Keep visiting this blog for loads of cool products as we embark on this journey. Stay tuned!



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