REDX – Netflix Benefit


Managing your Netflix subscription on REDX Plan – all you need to know

As a Vi™ postpaid customer on REDX, you are eligible for an annual Netflix subscription worth Rs. 2388(as per Netflix 199 plan for 1 year), which is available every year at no extra cost. Watch Netflix on your smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, laptop, or streaming device, all for one fixed monthly fee.


On successful registration through the Vi™ app, your Netflix account gets credited with a balance of Rs. 2388, which is applicable for a period of 1 year.  

No. In order to continue to enjoy this REDX – Netflix benefit, you need to renew your Netflix subscription through the Vi™ app every year

This benefit of Netflix can be availed by you once every year, for as long as you remain on REDX.  The time period of one year starts from the date of claiming Netflix benefit the Netflix benefit through the Vi™ app.

To renew your REDX - Netflix benefit, open the Vi™ app & go to Plan benefits section

The window for you to renew your Netflix subscription through REDX starts 15 days before the completion of your 1 year free period. 

You will receive reminders via SMS and email from us, starting 15 days prior to the completion of your 1 year free benefit period. You can check the status of your Netflix subscription on the Vi™ app, in the “Plan Benefits” section. 

Yes, you can also renew your REDX – Netflix benefit for another 1 year through the Vi™ app without changing your plan 

You are eligible for the REDX – Netflix benefit as long as you are on the REDX plan. Please note that when you claim this benefit, an exit fee of Rs3000 will be applicable for a period of 6 months in case of any plan changes out of REDX or disconnection of your Vi™ postpaid account.  

Your Netflix membership will continue. However, after the completion of 1 year of your REDX – Netflix benefit, you will start getting charged monthly as per your Netflix plan on your Vi™ postpaid bill or registered Netflix payment mode

You will be able to renew your REDX- Netflix benefit after the completion of 1 year from the time that you first claimed the Netflix benefit. To know you renewal date, please visit Vi™ app and go to Plan Benefits section.

Yes, you are free to choose any Netflix plan while renewing your subscription through the Vi™ app. You can also change your Netflix plan directly through your Netflix account. 

Yes, you can renew your REDX – Netflix benefit and re-activate your Netflix annual subscription through the Vi™ app, once the renewal window opens 

Yes, you can deactivate your membership anytime from account section in Netflix app or website. By doing so, your membership will continue till the gift credit lasts in your Netflix account and you will not be charged thereafter

No, a refund of Netflix charges already applied is not feasible. However, once you renew the REDX – Netflix benefits, you will again receive a credit of Rs2388 applicable for 1 year from the date of renewal.