GIGAnet Delights Offer



who is eligible?


Every Vi™ customer is invited, Prepaid and Postpaid.

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what you have to do?


All you have to do is share your network feedback on the all new Vi™ app and win exciting delights.

  how to get the offer?

step 1:

Download Vi™ App (Playstore/iOS) and Login


step 2:

Locate GIGAnet Banner on the Vi™ app homepage and share your feedback with us.


GIGAnet (Delight packs)




1. What is the GIGAnet offer?

  • Vi™ has nationally launched a feedback program where-in it is urging customers to provide feedback on network experience , post which customers are eligible for delight offer.


2. Who all are eligible for GIGAnet offers?

  • All Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers are eligible for GIGAnet offers, however the subscribers need to download/update their app to latest Vi™ app


3. How can Prepaid customers avail the GIGAnet offers?

  • Customers need to use the Vi™ App to provide feedback about their network experience post which the customers will be informed of their delight offer, which they can avail by recharging through Vi™ App


4. How can Postpaid customers avail GIGAnet offers?

  • Customer has to participate in a network feedback and on successful submission of feedback , delight offer will be displayed on app. This offer will be applied to customer’s number automatically within 30 Minutes


5. What are the activation process of the GIGAnet offers?


  • Customer visits Vi™ App & Customer completes the feedback feedback on Vi™ App.
  • Once the customer submits the feedback, appropriate delight offers will be displayed to the customer.
  • Customer can redeem the offer post subsequent recharge on Vi™ App. These offer benefits will be over and above the recharge product benefits.
  • Customer is eligible for only one offer post the feedback is given subject to recharge of the mentioned denomination as per the delight offer communication and subject to the recharge being done through Vi™ App only.
  • Recharge needs to be done via Vi™ App within 30 days post feedback is given


  • Customer visits Vi™ App and completes the network feedback on the app
  • Customer will be shown free delight offer
  • These are rewards which will be automatically surfaced on Vi™ App after completion of feedback
  • Free offer will be applied automatically to customer’s account


6. Can the GIGAnet offer be repeatedly taken by customer? Can I get the benefits multiple times?

  • Once the rating is submitted on the Vi™ App, customer will not be given the option to give the feedback feedback again


7. What is the validity of the benefit and for how long can the customer avail the delight offers post giving feedback?

  • In prepaid for availing the delight offer, the customer needs to recharge the eligible mrp within 30 days of giving the feedback through the Vi™ App
  • Validity of the benefit varies as per the benefit given and will be mentioned while communicating the delight offer , post the feedback


8. 100 Free ISD Minutes is applicable for which countries

  • 100 Free ISD Minutes offer is applicable for US and Canada to select ISD codes mentioned here
  • Free minutes are applicable from home location only and not while roaming in other network circle within India or outside India
  1. The Terms and Conditions herein govern participation in the survey organized by Vodafone Idea Limited (hereinafter “VIL”) for its customer.

  2. VIL invites its retail customers, both prepaid and post-paid to participate in the survey.

  3. This survey is available for participation on Vi™ App.

  4. The customer participating in the survey will hereinafter be referred to as “You” / “Your”

  5. You should read these Terms and Conditions carefully before commencing the survey.

  6. VIL reserves the right to change the terms and conditions relating to survey any time without any notice. VIL reserves the right to terminate, withdraw, extend or modify the survey at any time without any notice. You are advised to visit the Vi™ App regularly to be aware of any changes made by VIL

  7. Your participation in the survey will be purely voluntary.

  8. You will not be charged any fees to participate in the survey

  9. You will be entitled to reward/delight in the form of additional telco benefits at no extra cost for completing the survey.

  10. The prepaid participants will have to do additional recharge of UL149 or UL219 as notified  to the prepaid customer in the Vi™ App post submitting the survey,  to be eligible for the delights /reward

  11. You can participate in the survey only once and be entitled for reward/delight only once

  12. The telco benefits will vary for each participant depending upon the criteria like age on network (AON), date of survey/last recharge, data usage etc

  13. You will be notified about your eligible reward and its validity on Vi™ App

  14. Any consumption/usage beyond the limit of reward/delight offer will be charged as per standard rate

  15. The survey is for limited period [24.09.20.] to [23.10.20.]

  16. The purpose of this survey is to know Your valuable views and feedback regarding VIL network

  17. Any personal information collected submitted by You during the survey will be handled as per VIL’s privacy policy available at

  18. VIL makes no representation or warranty or commitment of any kind whatsoever, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, meeting of Your requirements or aspirations with respect to VIL services or VIL network basis your survey response/feedback

  19. VIL shall not be liable to participants or any party for any loss or damages on account of the survey including direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damages. VIL shall not be liable for any failure to access the Vi™ App or malfunctioning or deficiency of Vi™ App.

  20. You are requested to submit relevant and responsible feedback/responses. You should avoid any offensive or derogatory language/comments. Your response/ feedback should not infringe third party rights or be in breach of laws.

  21. VIL reserves the right to use the survey feedback/responses submitted by You or use the survey results or any derivative works at its discretion.

  22. The Terms and Conditions herein will be read along with the terms and conditions of Vi™ App

  23. For the services provided by VIL, You will be governed by the terms and conditions of Customer Application Form.

  24. The Terms and Conditions are governed in accordance with the laws of India and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai, India.