Vi is just a tap away

Knock knock, who's there?  Vi™ is just a tap away


Who ever imagined that living lives in the confines of our homes would become the new normal?


Life amidst lockdown is clearly laying new rules of existence and we are slowly moving to a world that might not be the same even after the clouds of COVID-19 steer away from us. While it is obvious that arrangements are being made for essential commodities and meeting with necessities is the new luxury, technology has spearheaded simpler ways of doing conventional tasks to a great extent. No wonder, digital adoption is on the rise – as we are discovering newer ways of living life in times of this global pandemic.


When convenience and seamless customer service are the need of the hour, how can Vi™ be far behind? We are happy to help with our services which you can avail from the comfort of your home. Come and enjoy a hassle-free experience by logging on to our website or using the Vi™ app for all your requirements.


Gone are the days when you would need to go to the store for recharging your mobile number, paying bills or buying a new connection.

Digital rechargeis the order of the day, offering option to pay your bills online. What’s more, join the #RechargeForGood initiative and use Vi™ App for exciting offers and cashbacks when you recharge for others.


You can also stream engaging, high quality content on Vi™ movies & TV – our exclusive content platform for Vi™ users. Catch the Digital Premier of John Wick 3 on this app along with a lot of other famous titles and blockbusters.


For any other information on your current usage, bill cycle & details, plans for upgrade, latest offers or for availing benefits entailed with your current mobile plan, you can use Vi™ app or logon to our website.


 We are right here to cater to all your needs.


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