How Vi™ Postpaid Bill Guarantee Help You

How can Vi™ Postpaid Bill Guarantee help you


Vi™’s postpaid plans are simply hard to resist. It’s even harder to contain your usage limits on your data quota. You must wonder, ‘What about my bills then?


Worry not! Vi™ has the smartest way to protect you from bill shocks. Find out more as you read below.


If you exceed your monthly rental usage, ‘Bill Guarantee’ is your solution. The best thing is that it’s a rental free pack and you can avail it at any of Vi™’s service points: customer care, Vi™ website, Vi™ app or on webchat.


How does it work?


The ‘Bill Guarantee’ pack automatically analyses your monthly usage after every bill generation, by comparing it with other higher Vi™ rental packs. It then optimises the excess usage charges for voice, data and SMS. Following which, the highest compared differential benefits (between your existing plan and the Postpaid plan which covers your usage) are added to your account in the next bill cycle. And these differential benefits will be reflected as your ‘Bill Guarantee Savings’ in the next month’s bill. For example, Bill Guarantee savings added in May will reflect in June month’s bill.


Who is eligible for ‘Bill Guarantee’?


All active Postpaid subscribers are eligible for the ‘Bill Guarantee’ pack.


Things to know


•  Bill guarantee is a zero rental pack and recurs till the time an eligible subscriber deactivates the pack

•  Any current plan subscribed by an eligible subscriber remains the same despite the bill guarantee plan availed, under a higher rental plan

•  If the usage of an eligible subscriber does not exceed the currently availed plan benefits, then ‘Bill Guarantee’ plan is not applicable


How billing credit works


•  Bill Guarantee savings are added to a subscriber’s account within 7 days of bill generation

•  As a result, the outstanding bill of that month will be reduced by the ‘Bill Guarantee savings’ amount

•  If a subscriber wants to avail the benefit of  the ‘Bill Guarantee’ pack in a particular bill cycle, he must already be on an eligible Postpaid plan and should have the ‘Bill Guarantee ‘ active on his plan for at least 1 day (of the bill cycle)



Simple steps to activate Bill Guarantee


•  If you’re not already on a postpaid plan, then choose one

•  Place a request for ‘Bill Guarantee’ plan activation on your account


Activate Bill Guarantee today and save yourselves from the fear of excessive data/calling usage charges. 


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