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Our best International Roaming benefits


International roaming charges can be quite intimidating to most of us. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that Vi™ has one of the widest ranges of international roaming packs (IR), with free unlimited outgoing calls to your destination country and other countries. Whether you’re on a vacation or a business trip, Vi™’s international roaming packs got you covered with unlimited calling and data benefits. Simply choose your destination country, the number of days you’re staying there and activate an international roaming pack.

Read on below to understand some of the best benefits Vi™ has to offer to its postpaid users.


International postpaid packs and their benefits


Vi™ provides international roaming packs to customers travelling abroad for a brief period of up to 60 days or less.


1. ‘Always ON’ Daily Pack


We have an international pack that is valid for up to 24 hours and has a rental of ₹599. It includes free incoming calls, outgoing calls and free SMS to India, and the local country you have travelled to (for 29 selected countries). There is also a ₹35/min charge when you call other countries. The plan offers other benefits for the remaining 51 countries.

For detailed information on Vi™’s Postpaid International Packs, please click here.


2. Fixed Benefits and Always On Thereafter


These Vi™ packs are available for international postpaid roamers with validity periods of 7days, 10 days, 14 days and 28 days with rental charges of ₹2999, ₹3999, ₹4999 and ₹5999, respectively.


Benefits offered are:

·      Free data, free incoming calls

·      Free SMS services (T&C apply)

·      Free outgoing local calls and calls to India at 29 listed countries

·      Other benefits for the remaining 51 countries


3. The “Always On” feature


This feature allows users to stay connected even after their packs expire (in 4, 10, 14, 28 days). Charges of ₹599/day will apply only if there is the usage of voice, SMS or calls. However, these charges won't be applicable when in India. The ‘Always On’ feature is valid for 3 years, once activated.


4. Roam Safe Feature


Vi™’s RoamSafe feature protects its users from unwanted or accidental usage charges by keeping data off when:

·      A customer tours a country without activating an international roaming pack

·      A customer tours a country where the said roaming pack is not applicable


However, if a subscriber wishes to use data while abroad, standard international charges apply.


A customer can also activate data services in the following ways:

·    By sending an SMS ACT IRDATA to 199 or dialling *111*1*4*3#

·     Data remains active until he chooses to deactivate it


To deactivate the data service, customers can SMS CAN IRDATA to 199.


Facts to Note


Vi™’s international roaming packs were claimed as the Best Ever India International Roaming Plan in Sep'17 by Valu Connex Telecom Services - an independent agency.


The claim is backed by a few findings about Vi™’s international roaming plans such as,

•     Free incoming calls from any network in the world

•     Free outgoing calls not only in the local country you travelled to and India, but to other countries as well

•     Free data with no FUP restrictions

•     Unlimited services in 77 countries, a maximum for a single plan

•     Unlimited calling, SMS services with a wide price range of 4 price points



Things to Remember


•     It is mandatory to activate the international roaming service before activating international roaming packs

•     All packs are activated based on the Indian Standard Time (IST)

•     Pack expires 24 hrs after the last pack validity day


To know more about our international pack validity and other details, contact us through our customer care number.


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